I've been searching for creative hobbies all my life. In childhood I loved to draw. All my school notebooks were full of drawings and sketches. But I still draw like a child, so I guess drawing is not the right hobby for me. When I got a little bit older I started to like magic tricks with playing cards. I started to create my own tricks, some were cool, some were a failure, but that hobby ended pretty quickly. Last six years I have been interested in guitars and music in general, but I do it very rarely and I have to be home to play the guitar, but I don't really like to spend the whole day just sitting around. And then I discovered photography. I immediately fell in love with it. 

 When I bought my first camera I wanted to do only landscape or astro photography and I hated the idea to photograph people, ugh! I thought it would be boring and I was a bit anti social at the time. But when friend of mine asked for a quick photo shoot for her new facebook profile picture, I understood, that I actually like to photograph people. There's just something about it that I love. Meeting new people, thinking together of different projects, having a good laugh, etc. I found it to be a lot more interesting than just taking photo of trees for example. I still love to explore and snap some beautiful landscape. But it's whole different experience. Especially when you send your client final photos and seeing their amazing reactions inspires me A LOT to go higher and further in my carreer! That's when I realised that I want to do this full time, no matter what it costs to me. And I hope my dream will come true and I'll do anything to achieve that. 




Keep in mind, that these prices don't include travel expenses. Also packages are just to make it simple, for both sides. If you have some different need or offer, I'm open to listen what you've got.


Who doesn't want a new facebook profile picture from time to time? Or a portrait for your CV. There are plenty reasons why you would need some new pictures of yourself, with your best friend or significant other. 


Package 1 10 edited photos 20£ 

Package 2 20 edited photos 35£

Package 3 30 edited photos 50£ 

Premium 35 edited photos and print or photo book of 15 images


Have your own product of clothing or accessories? Maybe some line of hair sprays or make up? There is no better way to advertise it than getting it on a person and show the world how your product looks in use. 


Package 1 10 edited photos 30£ 

Package 2 20 edited photos 45£

Package 3 30 edited photos 60£

Premium 35 edited photos and photo book of 15 images designed specially for your product or a print


Having a kid's party? Your birthday? Baptism? Any other event you would like to record in quality images? Look no further, I'll record it all, so you can just carry on celebrating, without the need to snap photos all the time.


Package 1 1-2 hours of shooting 50£

Package 2 2-4 hours of shooting 80£

Package 3 4-6 hours of shooting 100£

Premium more than 6 hours of shooting.  90£ per 6 hours and Every extra hour 20£





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